Search Engine Optimization

If they can't find you, they are not going to come.

Probaly the single most important part of your internet marketing campaign is your ability to compete well in search engine. Without search engine visibility potential customers will not visit your site.

Our Clients Have An Advantage

Our Exclusive Server Side Controller

Most Search Engine Web-Bots include load time in the ranking calculations. Think about the fact that it would be unwise for search engins to list a slow site in the top listings. You can see what your average site speed is through the Google Webmaster Tools interface. If you're still skeptical about search engines looking at this data, carefully think about why a search engine would store this data. If you can trim a few milliseconds it greatly improves search engine rankings.

Our Exclusive Server Side Controller

Through many years of expermentation, successies and failures we have developed an exclusive Server Side Controller, a small and very efficient controller that uses memory overlay techniques to speed the loading of website pages.