Website Hosting and Rackspace Co-Location

Scaleable Solutions at an afforiadable price

We offer a hosting solutions it fit almost any budget. From small brochure websites to internet applications requiring terabites of drive space, we have a managed solutions to fit your needs.

Intranet Implementation and Support

Scaleable Solutions for a changing World

Website Hosting

If you are a client of Cook Media Group, LLC then your website hosting is including in your support agreement. Website Hosting ranges from simple site hosting, to shopping carts, to databases hosting. We purchase premium scaleable hosting resources to ensure that our client's site loads as quickly as possible.

Managed Rackspace Co-Location

We have co-located rackspace platforms suitable for even the largest internet applications. Each customer has access to a Cisco Powered, multi-homed, auto-failover Network that is fed by multiple Tier-1 providers via multiple OC-12, and Gigabit Ethernet connections,

Benefits of Co-Location

  • Eliminate Capital Expenditures
  • Eliminate Maintenance Problems
  • Eliminate Hardware Depreciation Issues